Lost in Sensation

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Our love for each other was like that certain clothing articles from the past that made their comeback in the recent years--they didn't quite match with the era they were born to, out-of-place but not quite out of date. They should have been reborn into another masterpieces, ahead of its time, they are supposed to be enjoyed later in time when it is right, when they are ready.

I think you and I are the same, no?

We were right for each other. Our flaws mixed together incredibly and our fears mingled in each other's minds like the taste of that awful beer in our lips. Our lips were hopeful, but our eyes were hiding itself from the truth--lost in translation, lost in sensation. We were none, but you and I were exceptionally made to be one.

We've always had a head start from everything, you mostly more than me. In life, we had it all first--you knew where you would end up and I knew what kind of things that I dislike, but I suppose not in romantic feelings towards each other. These unmentionable feelings were perhaps always skulking around us, even at the times when I shared my food with you, and especially at the times we were in a beautiful trance when you drove me home.

You were too eager to start your next life.
I was too eager for that guy.

Now I love you. Now I need you. Now I long to be yours.
(but you don't need me.
you don't love me.
and you are certainly not mine)

Now we are metaphorically here, reduced into strangers that do not even send birthday greetings through the unknown realm of internet. Now we are physically apart. Now we live in different moments, moments that could have been shared with each other.

Now I fall asleep while you are waking up.
Now I am dreaming of you in my sleep while you aren't here.

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