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My friend told me that I subtly changed. "Odd," she said, after I sent her a picture of a pair of black Nike Cortez, "You were never one who wear such things. Why changed?"
I contemplated. I could answer, because I spotted so-and-so wore similar thing on her blog and I thought that I could pull that off too. But, she didn't deserve the lie. As one of my closest friends, she deserves the world and more, it wouldn't feel good, at least not morally so, if I lied to her. So, I simply answered, "No, it's just that there is a part of me that's changing, I can feel it. And I think I am changing."
She replied, "Like what you were wearing today?"
I haven't changed that moment, so I looked down at my black jeans and grey shirt attire, both were form-fitting. Oh, my shoes were another rare occurrence--black beaten-up converse. "Yes, I suppose. Yes. Quite similar. Yes."

I think I am changing. I can't explain it to you what exactly is being shaped into another matter entirely, but there are ticking sounds like clocks, something is changing their gears--something is moving. I feel calm, I can't explain how calm I feel right now and why do I all of the sudden eat food in less portion of I normally have. It is alarming how the way I live could be changed without any reasons or any affairs. Nothing happened, but I feel like something is trying to burst out of me and fighting to take over this vision of a person that my friends had known for years.

Maybe in all of those small steps (changing my drugstore brand shampoo to organic shampoo, using more natural products and buying certain article of clothing that don't bear the resemblance of what I used to wear/presented myself with during the past few years), I've found another spectrum of physical illusion that currently seems like the best go-to option for me. Ridiculous, I know--but it doesn't change the fact that I could move out of something that has been literally close to my skin, something that become what people have been voicing out as my style, that easily, even though a bit subtly.

Do you think I can change the way I feel about you the same way I change the way I look?

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