Five Kinds I've Witnessed, None I've Experienced

This summer I learned that there are many kinds of love. The kinds that I won't experience, the kinds that hurt others and the kinds that we keep to ourselves. These love aren't necessary ideal for everyone, and they are not even sacred. But they are real and still as precious as the kinds we were taught to know.

The first kind, poisonous love: the kind that smothers you, the kind that is undoubtedly self-destructive and killing you from the inside. It hugs you and perhaps turns into you, leaving your true soul as a ghost that inhabits your physical form. You are not dead inside, but you are surely dying, day by day. This love consumes you, makes you thirsty for more, for more love to give away, the same love that tears you apart. Your soul and your whole being are tied to this love, to a person that may never love you back or even sympathise over your darkening soul. This love needs to be destructed completely or it will succeed to overtake your being.

The second kind, eternal love: can be poisonous or tame, but this love will always be there, evolving over time and space. Fluctuates easily with you, conditions itself to how you live your life.

The third kind, never be: no matter how much you try to work it out, it can never be yours. Or perhaps, in some normal definitive cases, it's not even yours to begin with and you never try to connect with that object of your affection. Because sometimes, it is what making it exciting. It becomes sacred, beautiful, ethereal, eternal because you never act upon it. You just sit there, watch that person exists, orbiting near you or sometimes far away. One of the purest kinds there is. And perhaps, you know that the love you hold on that person will cease to exist if you try to work it.

The fourth kind, false love: you actually forgot who you love. It does not evolve, it stays that way since the beginning; but it can also never be, because people evolve--you and that other person.

The fifth kind: recurring love: like a favourite extra on a tv series, this love will only work if the object of your affection is there.