Illusion of Grandeur

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A jumble of many events last year led up to this month, February 2013.

From heartbreaks to their mendings, from broken promises to newfound refuge, from unsuspected riddles to lovely resolves-- they all came to this. A month of funny trickeries and crazy coincidences, full of tears and laughters, and most importantly, full of meanings. This month bewitches me to the point of my ignoring the facts and believing in the unwritten future since this month has literally been giving me signals about the seemingly predictable future and partly unknown past. It has been a wicked month, but it gives me the sense of equal doubt and hope about what would happen in the predictable future. I suppose I just can't jinx it.

A few days ago, a certain guy and I talked through the most famous video call application for couples. We talked about our current daily lives, about the people we've met lately, about the current weather in respective countries, about our trip last summer, about our trips in the future, about his trip with his girlfriend and about other things. The first thing that came to mind about our conversation was that he kept on subconsciously reminding me about how you did not need to be in love in order to feel like you are loved. All you need is only the right people who loves you for who you truly are and honestly believes that you are a great person. He made me realise that it did not need to be someone who could potentially love you to do that, you only needed someone who understood you and would stand by you no matter what-- but it is preferable if that someone is a person who you spend your days with in a certain foreign country that is well-known for their tea-time and heavy accent. He also made me understand that you only need people who matter to you in your life, not the people you try to have small talks with. He made me grasp the concept of myself. And I am so grateful for it, even if it was not his intention.

So, from now on until the time comes, I will wait here patiently with the love of the people who met me once and loved me. I will wait while eating exemplary food, writing+reading stories and listening to beautiful music.

And world is an illusion of grandeur, it is simple actually, human makes it all complicated.

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