We Will

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While I was away for one and a half months in the land of rainy days and punctual underground, I was introduced to a couple. They were both twenty four and they were from the land of pretty señoritas and beautiful señors. I did not get the chance to talk with the girl, but I was sat next to the guy during the ride to a certain unnecessarily famous underground station-- the guy was beautiful, like one of those people you see in some magazines that had a spread of men with groomed beards, tall figure and warm smiles, that kind of beautiful.

Throughout the ride, from the big station where we all got on until a station me and my other friends got off, we talked. I never felt like I mattered before-- there he was, beautiful enough to walk in a runway and loyal enough to his girlfriend not to, talking to me like I was interesting. He asked about my background informations (the usual 'where are you from?' 'how old are you?' 'how long are you going to stay in here?') but he asked like he was interested to know about my life. And there was no romance or what-could-have-been romance that I felt while he was barging me with questions; he was handsome, he smiled a lot, he was genuinely inquisitive about  me, but I didn't feel any small amount of those bubbling happiness in the pit of your stomach when you like someone. Instead, I felt like I was a whole. I mattered.

When my friends and I finally got off in one station but the couple didn't follow us because all of the sudden the girl felt like she was sick, one of my friends told me some stories about the señor and señorita earlier. He was there because his work demanded him to take some English course for two weeks and she followed him in the same course, so that they could rent a place together and after they finished their respective course, they would go on a trip together.

I smiled like a sick person when she told me about them.

When I fall in love one day, I want to be like them. I want to be with someone who looks at me like I matter, like I am there and existed in his eyes. I want him to be genuinely concerned about me, about what my interests are, about my passion. And in turn, I will devote myself to him. We will have trips together, road trips, boat trips and even jungle trips. We will meet nice strangers and tell them about our lives, what we had to go through in order to meet each other and be with each other. We will also stay faithful with each other, not minding simple conversations that each other have with other people, instead we will respect each other for being nice to strangers. We will live. Under the roaring sun, the snowfalls, the branched trees, the pacific ocean, and under the rooftops of our own home. Together.

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